passion for genuine food

La Bottega dei Ferrari” (literally the “shop of ironmakers”) is located in the heart of Amalfi.
This little shop was born from the passion for genuine food and is a constant growing research of quality products, in respecting the traditions and good food.
Here you can find the tasty buffalo mozzarella-cheese from Campania region, the “fiordilatte” (mozzarella-cheese made with cow’s milk) from Agerola and, amongst allthe other fresh products, we offer, the “scamorzone” cheese from Montella (obtained from milk from a race of brown cows) definitely  worth tasting.
In our seasoned cheeses selection we are proud to offer many prominent products from our countryside,  such as the “provolone del Monaco” (literally the cheese of the monk) which is considered a protected food, the pecorino (sheep’s milk-cheese) from Carmasciano and the seasoned local cheese called “caciocavallo”. All these cheeses are particularly tasty if combined with jams made up with antique recipes and first quality ingredients.

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