Privacy Policy

Your data are handled in order to allow more efficient management of business. The data shall be handled in writing and/or with the use of disks, electronic or computer aids.
The provision of the data is compulsory, therefore any refusal to provide data or to allow data to be handled at a later time, may make it impossible for the writer to carry out the free link relations and the use of services requiring of your email.

Your personal data can be transferred abroad but only in accordance with the terms of the current legislation in Italy
The data shall be handled for the whole period of the La Bottega dei Ferrari site and also later to fulfil any obligations according to the law as well as for future business purposes.
With regard to the actual data, your Company may exercise the rights provided by the Italian Government,
The company La Bottega dei Ferrari, having its head office in Amalfi (SA) 84011, Piazza dei Dogi, 24, is the Holder of your personal data.